Captivating audio, engaging words and beautiful visuals

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Story & scope

MAEKAN partnered with PRÆSENS in early 2016 to create their digital media platform. The website, lauched in December 2016, offers ad-free storytelling with “captivating audio, engaging words and beautiful visuals”. MAEKAN approached us with a front-end prototype done by Instrument, and need a development partner to expand it into an immersive, subscription-based editorial platform.


To meet the evolving needs of MAEKAN we decided to pursue a modular approach and employ a microservices architecture. The platform consists of a universal web app, WordPress REST API, and a dedicated application for managing user accounts & subscriptions. The setup offers ultra fast page renders to the end-user, while allowing to easily add new components in order to expand the platform.

The React+Redux web app (that runs both on the server, and in the users' browsers) allowed us to make the user-facing website very scalable. To meet the needs of the editorial team, and provide a familiar writing environment, WordPress was selected as the business back-end. It is integrated with the Web App utilizing the WordPress REST API. Additionally, to control user accounts and manage subscriptions, a custom application was built in Ruby on Rails. Its features include analytical tools and reporting, that provide detailed insight into the users' behavior.

Solution 1
Solution 2


  • Responsive Development
  • React & Redux web app development
  • Dedicated application
  • Infrastructure setup

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