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Store & scope

Away partnered with PRÆSENS in mid 2015, soon after the luggage brand was founded by two former Warby Parker execs - Steph Korey and Jen Rubio. Away needed a flexible development partner, to help them quickly launch an e-commerce platform, and keep up with the company's rapidly growing sales and product line.


Working closely with Away’s in-house design & marketing teams we created a lightning-fast e-commerce website, that is both flexible - to accommodate new features - and scalable - to meet the constantly growing sales ($10 mln in the first year!) and traffic.

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In order to meet the needs of the project, we created a hybrid website, that consists of a client-side app (to shift the processing to the user’s browser), and a server-generated checkout flow. Solidus (a fork of Spree) is the e-commerce platform of choice, thanks to its flexibility and robust API. Additionally, WordPress was used (with the REST API), as a business back-end, for managing editorial content.


The e-commerce website, launched in early 2016, has already evolved significantly with a number of iterations, special edition mini-sites - it’s continuously changing and improving. In addition to the e-commerce website, we have also built a number of side-projects for Away, including 3 editions of ‘Pack Your Bag’ - a shoppable campaign website that we designed and built on Shopify, and an earlier editorial travel guide.

The luggage brand that started with $2.5 million seed funding in late 2015, managed to draw additional $8.5 million a year later, from a group of investors that included Jay-Z.

To enable the resulting expansion into foreign markets, the e-commerce platform was extended to enable sales in multiple currencies, and using multiple fulfillment methods.

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The e-commerce platform proved robust enough to comfortably handle over $10 million sales in the launch year of 2016, and to keep up with the rapid growth of Away.


  • e-commerce development
  • technology management
  • infrastructure setup
  • 3rd party systems integrations

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